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Angie Woehler April 15, 2024
"Have been seeing Ashley for almost a year and she is great. Always feel so much better after leaving a massage with her. Highly recommend."
Alexandra Mandros April 13, 2024
"I’ve been seeing Ashley each month for almost 3 years. My body literally craves our lymphatic work and I’ve experienced consistent results in overall reduction in inflammation. Ashley helped me through a broken ankle. The orthopedic surgeon was shocked at the lack of swelling so soon post break. She greatly contributed to my healing. Also - I haven’t gotten sick in 3 years…no colds or sore throat since we have worked together."
John Christoff April 7, 2024
"My wife "
Christina Faudel March 11, 2024
"Ashley is an absolutely essential part of surgery recovery. She’s helped me through 2 procedures over the last 9 months. I leave every session feeling like I’ve just made significant progress in healing. She knows which areas to focus on and expertly gauges how my body is progressing. I highly recommend Ashley!"
Devon Rafghi March 1, 2024
"Ashley is detailed and intentional with each and every massage. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to body work. She helped me significantly post op and I signed on to be a monthly client for general health maintenance. I’m so grateful I discovered her."
Diana Mcmullen February 22, 2024
"What a relief! I have had under-managed pain in my feet for TWO YEARS that may or may not be related to an autoimmune cause. I went to see Ashley at the advice of a good friend of mine. I have seen many specialists and also started on pain medication. The pictures speak for themselves. Before and after, 2 treatments totaling 3.5 hours… after TWO YEARS of pain… and often unable to engage in activities I love. I did two FAST runs this week, have spent many hours on my feet with significantly less pain. Looking forward to session #3. Cannot express my gratitude adequately with words."